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You say, I translate – Languages Smart Voice Translator Anobic VT

Tłumacze Anobic
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Going on a trip to a country that does not speak English can really be challenging. You can always choose to speak English, but if you have to communicate with locals, you must at least learn to speak a few basic local words and phrases.
Introducing, the Smart Voice Instant Translator Anobic VT. It is a real-time, speech interactive translator that can translate more than 38 languages. Take it with you on your next foreign trip, and get ready to commune with the locals.
It can translate your text from one language to another. It can also translate your speech into another language, in a high-quality voice output. Its intelligent voice recognition technology makes it easier and faster to translate what you are going to say. It’s like having a personal interpreter with you.

It is small and handy.

The Instant Translator is so small and handy, it can fit in your pocket.

It supports 38 languages.

No worries going around the world. This device lets you translate at least 38 languages, including: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Danish, Czech, Indonesian, Catalan, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek…and of course, English…
Your next trip is guaranteed to be more awesome with the Smart Voice Translator Anobic VT. Buy this today!


• It can translate 38 languages.
• It is handy and convenient to carry around.
• It has Voice Translation.
• It is easy to use.

Voice Electronic Translator Anobic VT35

Tłumacze Anobic
Opublikowany przez w Anobic Translators ·
Tags: VoiceElectronicTranslatorAnobicVT35
Voice Electronic Translator Anobic VT35
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